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Artist Retreats & Overnights during Eastern Shore residencies and performances in area schools, communities, and concert halls, facilitated by Carpe Diem Arts

See list of 24 nonprofits  and 150+ artists who have spent time on Broad Creek over the past 25+ years. Read this sampling of notes from the guest book.

“Thank you SO much for opening your home to me this week! I recorded six tracks for my new album and finished writing two of the songs. This space is truly inspiring and I can’t even express how grateful I am for this opportunity to refocus my artistic efforts.”                ~ Maureen Andary

“How can I leave this place on a day like today? One last run down the lane, past the farm. The wind working diligently to cool what the sun tries to heat up. What a two weeks. 8 runs, 10 concerts, how much crab? Is there a limit? Pictures that will remain in my head. Nan sitting on the back deck, painting. Nancy making coffee. Ever the perfect hostess. Hoey, Ronnie, Busy, John, Dawn, Carina, Nina, Lewis. A parade of fabulous people. My head is full, my heart is smiling. Thanks to all.”
Lawrie Bloom, co-artistic director, Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival

As always, the bird songs and changing tides provided beautiful peace and restorative energy. Thank for sharing this magical place.
~ Nan Zabriskie Bloom

“Thank you so so so so much for your hospitality and for welcoming us into your home. It has been a wonderful work space for us, and we are excited to have a little piece of the soul of this magic place recorded into our project.”
~ Zach and Nick Valente

“Your home is so beautiful, I am at a loss for words. Thank you for everything!”                     ~ Smithsonian Discovery Theatre troupe

“We were THRILLED to be here! Thanks so much for everything… It was a wonderful home away from home and gave us peaceful rest. We saw a fox one night on our drive back to the house! Loved it.”
Sparky and Rhonda Rucker

“Thanks!… for such a great place to rest our bones during what turned out to be a slightly grueling 10-day tour. We were very comfortable here and it helped us a lot!!”     ~ Cucanandy: Mike Casey, Irish flute, guitar, whistle, 5-string lap dulcimer; Stephanie Johnston, vocals, guitar, bodhran; and Malke Rosenfeld: percussive dance, Irish flute, whistles, bodhran; and Jason Cade on fiddle and mandolin (Fall 2000)

“Our endless gratitude to you for your support of our artistic endeavors, for the long, deep, soul-reviving breath before the busy year begins. The peace gives time to work, the beauty and the calm inspire creative thoughts and energies. This has been a precious time for us once again. David has written another play, the third he has been inspired to write in our third winter retreat here where the magic of the “Taj” weaves its spell and we absorb the silent beauty of the season. Henry IV is edited, repopulated and blocked. We are ready for the fray! Much love.
~ Jillian Raye, Lumina Studio Theatre, February 1, 2003

“I can’t thank you enough for this gift of a “writing retreat” here at the Taj. It has been so productive for me. Such a great blessing. Hopefully, you will see the rewards on the Lumina stage in April.”
~ David Minton, Lumina Studio Theatre

“I’m sad to be departing the snowy, windy spit of wonder where I have spent dozens of hours. I’ve done all the things I’ve been meaning to get to, and I feel so utterly ALLOWED by you and this magic place to be healthy and grow. I’m honored to be among the many whom you have benefitted in this way…
And the snow! What an amazing gift this morning!

I’ve written two new songs, arranged a couple more, practice, written journals, poems and ideas for videos… I’ve organized my sheet music, portfolio made solid plans for my Australia tour, but most of all I learned more about Energy Medicine. I hope a can accumulate this huge wealth of wisdom that is just to easy to shove out of my view. I believe my health and my work to sing in the world and through others depends upon this. These few days have given me the stillness to start eh learning. I love being among your spirit, as I am among your things.”
~ Moira Smiley

“Thank you so much for receiving us in your beautiful home at the ocean side. Since we came from Kenya we had never before met such interesting and generous friends as you. We will never forget you. Our group of dancers says happily Thank You and God Bless very much.”
~ Nicholas Sironka

“Wow! We’ve been hearing about this place for years, and its charm surpasses all expectations! Every room vibrates with love and creative energy. I want to come back and write the next novel, play, poem, song, etc. Thank you for your warmth and generosity.”
~ Mary Amato

“We most certainly have felt welcome and comfortable and so grateful to be here. Thank you for the delightful stay in the Taj and for the fabulous meals — far beyond what we could ever have wished for.”
~ Lea Morris

“Thank you for this beautiful oasis! The moon sparkles greeted us on our arrival, and the sun sparkles sent us on our way.”
~ Al Petteway and Amy White

“What a great place for us to spend our first wedding anniversary! It’s a dream to be alone together in such a serene lovely setting. It’s also a dream to sit and play this beautiful piano, while calm waters lap to my right AND to my left. Wow! Our only regret is the short length of our stay. Many many thanks for letting us stay here in the Taj.”
~ Suzanne Brindamour and Bryan Reichhardt

“Independence Day indeed. Freedom to stare at the horizon, read, bead, laugh and sing. Thank you SO much!”
~ Stacie and Sue Stockman, July 4, 2017

“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful home with us!”
Tim Eriksen, Luka, Anja and Eliasz

“Thank you very much for your hospitality and warmth We enjoyed staying at your wonderful place.”
~ Solomia Gorokhivska and Andrei Pidkivka, GERDAN of Ukraine

“Thank you thank you thank you for your hospitality, grace, generosity, all the beautiful things in your home, the loons and buffleheads and ospreys and bald eagles, and the opportunity to make music here.”  ~ Jodi Beder, Dovetail Ensemble residency

“Thank you for your amazing hospitality and generosity. Such a beautiful place to begin my next music adventure…”   ~ Phil Wiggins, Dovetail residency

“What an incredible week. Thank you for your warmth, hospitality and encouragement.”
~ Owen Morrison, Dovetail retreat

Video of Dovetail Residency by Kimberley Rose Williams

“Sharing: Music & Song, fine food, friendship, community, beautiful scenery. What could be better?! Thank you for all this and more. It was a wonderful weekend!”
~ Jody Marshall

“Que linda casita! Thank you so much for letting us enjoy this weekend on the Shore. We took long walks, watched the sunset, and enjoyed visiting Easton and St. Michaels. And worked on that impossible puzzle you left out! It was great to get away for a few days. Gracias!”
~ Andres Salguero

“Thank you for this tranquil space, and the comfortable bed from which I listened to the sounds of crickets and frogs. A welcome change from my LA soundtrack! And you most of all for your generosity in sharing beautiful and deep memories.”
Sandy Tolan

“Magical does begin to describe my time here. I have so enjoyed myself this week on my writer’s retreat. This is rather new to me, taking time out and off to just dive into a project. It’s luxurious, renewing and wonderful… My goal, lofty, was to finish a first draft of my first full length play, “The Wild Barries” and I came darn close. I will leave here pondering the resolution of the Barry family, a vaudeville act that didn’t quite make it — at least not in vaudeveille. One more session, at home, ought to do it, but I will be minus the magic, the sound of the water, the beautiful light and this cozy restorative Taj. I will just have to take it all with me. Thank you!”
~ Ritchie Porter

“What a beautiful morning on Broad Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. Greg and I so enjoyed our time here in this magical place. Our walk to the point among the cedars, grasses and driftwood was complemented by a swan, osprey, and sandcrab running for cover under a rock on the shell covered beach. It is so wonderful to start our busy week in your company and generosity…. We look forward to having you at our performance at the Country School!”
~ Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner, Magpie

“Thank you for letting us enjoy the natural haven of the “Taj” — the flicker outside the window as we rest in the quiet morning. The beautiful sunset the evening before, the cozy grace of a little hideaway on the water. What a gift to take a moment to stop and replenish…. There are so few private times anymore. God bless you for your gracious generosity.”
~ Roberta Gasbarre and Oran Sandel, Jan. 2003

“Yoga, music, hours and hours of kayaking, fishing, songwriting. Thank you so much!”
~ Billy B., during Shore residency for Earth Day performances in the schools

“Thank you so much for extending your home and hospitality to us during our Eastern Shore schools residency. Your house is beautiful!”
Daniel Phoenix SinghDakshina

Family vacations, celebrations, weekend getaways

“After driving for one and a half days up from Tampa, we spent a great weekend at the House on Broad Creek enjoying things of the region – delicious crab cakes, steamed crabs, oysters, clams, etc. – while also spending time with my cousin Katherine and her husband Larry. Hours of UNO and Trivial Pursuit, as well as lazing about watching the crabbers go about their routine. It was a great introduction to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.” ~ Peter, Ute, Olivia and Lukes Harris

“Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. It has incredible character! We thoroughly enjoyed exploring its nooks and crannies and wandering around the property.” ~ Prisca

“We had an amazing time here. Your house is really beautiful. This was the perfect break to collect my thoughts and relax before heading back to school. Thank you so much!”  ~ Katie

“A great break for our family. Thank you!”  ~ Martin Alilio

“Thank you for sharing this lovely place. We had a full week of games, fishing, walking, conversation, and meals together, all in this splendid setting. This week will always be remembered as a family highlight. Thanks for enhancing our 50th anniversary!”  ~ Ed and Joan King

“What a wonderful week we have all had here on Broad Creek! We have kayaked and seen the horses and walked and played music ~ bike rides ~ fished ~ crabbed. Literally something for everyone.The house is welcoming and warm and the ocean and patio so beautiful and inviting. Thanks so much for making this beautiful place part of our family memories.”       ~ Vicki, Francisco, Nathan, Mariana and family: 50th wedding anniversary celebration

“What a glorious two days it’s been. A trip to the farmers’ market, an amazing feast, a restorative breeze off the water, spirited sharing of i-phone apps! Fresh bagels and crêpes for breakfast, lots of knitting, and as always, wonderful conversations with wonderful people.”   ~Jane Fremon, Paul and Georgia

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed our stay here because I’d have to describe in detail the songs of the insects in the trees last night, the beauty of walking back to the house with its strings of lights and the sounds of people talking, and so much more! So I’ll just say Thank You!    ~ Julia Temple

“What a pleasure to spend a delightful weekend at the “Taj MaGarage.” Our exploration of St. Michaels, Oxford and Tilghman Island leaves us with wonderful memories and a desire to come back some day. Thanks for your hospitality and warm welcome.” ~ Sue, Trevor, Colin and Jeff Hains

Your wonderful spirits permeate this place of beauty. Thanks for the chance to share the swans, trees, geese, woods and nature.”  ~ Margi and Harley Balzer

RETREATS: Yoga, Book Clubs, Art-Making, Professional Development,
Board & Staff Team Building, Leadership Trainings, etc.

“A glorious place for our group to gather and discuss books and life.” ~ Penelope Egan, member of the Milwaukee Book Club, possibly the longest running book club on the planet (going on 70 years!)

“This retreat would not have been the same without Broad Creek. Our hearts were immediately at home here in the embrace of your place. The moon ceremony, fire ceremony and crowning ceremony by the Bay brought wonder and contentment. The stars shone brightly on us. Hope to do it again!” ~ Sally Brucker, Retreat Leader

“Thank you so much for receiving us in your wonderful home. We had a great time and lots of learning took place here. Keep offering this place and your generosity because it makes a difference.” ~ Sebastian Lillo (Chile)

“What a wonderful place to hold our retreat. Our time together was enhanced by the beauty and welcoming atmosphere. Your generosity shone through at every moment. The house is full of life and love and projects and creativity! We flourished in this space with the sounds of the bay and the stars at our beckon… I’d love to spend a month reading your books!….”

“Thank you for the grace, beauty and love that abounds in your home on the ocean… This place has given me so much strength and energy. I hope to be back in the not too distant future… What a wonderful place to hold our Wise Woman Retreat. Our time together was enhanced by the beauty and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you so much! Gracias!”  ~ Retreat participants

“Many thanks as always for providing the perfect setting for our team to launch its retreat. The love that infuses this place created an amazing space for connection and learning.” ~ Deborah Thornton, Retreat Leader

“Thank you so much for sharing this marvelous and calming space with us. I especially loved my time in the little Co-Taj “nest” with windows looking out over the cove. So peaceful and so restorative.” ~ Tara Tappert

“Thank you for your kind hospitality. This was such a special place to hold our retreat and I’m grateful. It was a gift to all involved.” ~ Nora

“Thank you so much for creating and sharing your beautiful home. It was the perfect place for our retreat and we are so grateful.” ~ Lynn Perlik, Book Club Retreat

“For the July 4th weekend, we went away to Royal Oak, MD for a weekend retreat thanks to Busy Graham, Executive Director of Carpe Diem Arts. The time was filled with swimming, cycling, spotting outdoor creatures, and admiring the changing light upon the seascape around us through the long hours of sunlight, the full moon, lunar eclipse and moonsets. We celebrated Alexander’s 9th birthday with my sister Angela and her family with a cookout, sparklers and s’mores around the campfire, kid-bonding time, a musical performance, and lots of attention to their dog Marley. It was really nice to see family and friends and enjoy their company. The children needed to immerse themselves in nature and connecting with others to bring joy back into life.”  ~ Christina Campo-Abdoun, art teacher, Mario Loiederman Middle School, Silver Spring, MD